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Renton Police Department Involved in Inquest Lawsuit

Demands for the Renton Police Department to drop a lawsuit blocking county-level police reforms are rising among several groups. Protestors across King County have begun demanding that Auburn, Federal Way, Kent, Renton, and the King County Sheriff’s Office step aside and allow the police inquest reforms by the King County Executive, Dow Constantine, to continue.

The police inquest process is invoked when there is an incident involving an officer. Through 2017, the county began collaborating with several groups on a problem where those impacted felt the process was heavily biased towards law enforcement before coming through with the reforms these departments issued lawsuits for.

In addition to the protestors involved with Black Lives Matter events in the region, local groups including the Renton-King County Alliance for Justice and Renton Residents for Change have amplified this demand. Residents participating in these groups have expressed dissatisfaction with the city “using resources from communities of color to block positive reforms”.

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