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Candidate David Hackney Wins Sole 11th LD Democrats’ Endorsement

This week on August 15th, members of the 11th Legislative District Democrats met to vote on endorsements for the second time this year (the first after the primaries). The members had 3 issues and 2 candidates (both Democrats) they planned to vote on endorsing. Members approved all of the ballot issues: funding for Harborview Medical Center, support for R-90, and renewing a Highline School District tech levy.

The candidates each had their own endorsement agenda item and began with David Hackney. Supporters said his vision, experience, and connection to community were excellent examples of why he should be our representative. Some, less supportive to Hackney, suggested that it was the best way to level the playing field, as candidates without the party’s legislative district endorsement do not have access to the voter tools, while incumbents do (giving Zack Hudgins an advantage). Members who opposed Hackney suggested that it was a matter of Hudgins tenure as a legislator, and the ongoing confluence of crises affecting the country.

Afterwards, members moved into discussing the endorsement of Zack Hudgins, who has represented the area for 12 years. Supportive members were enthusiastic about his connection to their issues and his history as a legislator. Others discussed their ongoing policy issues and conversations as reasons for Hudgins to remain the representative. Those who opposed the endorsement discussed a rumor that was spread by his supporters about David Hackney’s history as a prosecutor, alleging that it was tactics like these that are used against people from marginalized backgrounds. This allegation came after Hackney won the primaries with astonishing results.

The district has the option of a dual endorsement, allowing both to be supported. Members voted in favor of endorsing David Hackney, who received exactly 2/3 of the vote, the minimum requirement. A majority of members voted no to the endorsement for Zack Hudgins, leaving David Hackney as the sole endorsement for his position.

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