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Hudgins’ campaign stoops low

On September 8th, 2020, Zack Hudgins’ campaign announced a press release which outlined some of his opponent’s career history. The Hudgins’ campaign claimed that while David Hackney, his opponent, was a prosecutor in 1996 that he investigated the Clinton’s campaign finances. Hackney’s campaign has responded with a press release disputing the allegations, calling them an egregious lie. Later in the month, on September 17th, Hackney’s campaign reported that a push poll used by his opponent continued this misrepresentation.

11th LD Candidate David Hackney Worked For George W. Bush Administration Hackney Led Investigation of Bill and Hillary…

Posted by John Wyble on Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Voters, including Hudgins’ own supporters, found the strategy distasteful. The Urbanist, which endorsed Hackney, tweeted that the tactics “stoop so low”. Some have suggested that it was campaign behavior like this which prevented Zack Hudgins from getting the 11th LD Democrats’ endorsement.

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