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Battle Erupts over 11th LD Charter Schools

Some Renton educators were under the impression that Hackney’s campaign was funded by charter schools, a position, he claims, he adamantly opposes. I’ve decided to take a look into the public financing and reveal if these claims are accurate.

Is Hackney Funded by Charter Schools? Hardly.

A look at the candidate Hackney’s public file shows that we can find no Charter School PACs which are funding his campaign. The best we can suspect is his contributions from prominent individuals who are pro-Charter School, however these donations amount to less than 10% of his entire campaign, and are highly speculative. A super majority of Hackney’s campaign contributions come from individuals with values under $500.

By contrast only 1/3 of Zack Hudgins campaign is funded by individuals. Another 1/3 comes from PACs, many of these are labor. However, Hudgins also has corporate PAC money from telecommunications and technology. Many of these amount to $2000.

In response to the rumors of pro-Charter funding, Hackney’s campaign issued this statement on social media:

While Zack Hudgins claimed he was not a supporter, he spoke to their successes in his area and defended those already existing. At an 11th District Candidate Forum held by the Muslim Community and Neighborhood Association he stated in response to a question on charter schools, “If they’re working, if there’s proper oversight, if these kids are flourishing and succeeding then we should continue that process.”

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