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City Announces Renton TV, Begins Series By Featuring Retired Public Works Administrator

On the afternoon of October 8th, 2020, the City of Renton Twitter account shared a video titled “Our Renton – Episode 1”. The series is said to focus on significant people and projects in the city. This episode features Mayor Armondo Pavone and retired Public Works Administrator, Gregg Zimmerman. The entire recording is a little over 15 minutes.

Mr. Zimmerman begins with describing his career history, and his time joining the City of Renton in 1990, where he later obtained his position as the administrator in 1994. Zimmerman ascribes the success of the department to the city staff and former elected leaders.

Topics discussed include the Cedar River dredging in the 1990s, the Boeing land rezoning, LED street light conversion, automated water meters, and more. Watch below:

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