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Councilmember Moves to Explore Equity Commission

On October 5th, 2020, at the City Council meeting residents further discussed the movement for racial justice in Renton. Residents called in during the budget hearing and public comment and made statements one after the other, most of them supporting the #Stand4Justice demands or the King County Health through Housing proposal. Residents also supported the Black Lives Matter mural project, which Councilmember Kim-Khanh Van requested a report on in response.

Immediately afterward, Councilmember Angelina Benedetti moved to have the city administration explore an Equity and Empowerment Commission in the 2021-2022 budget (watch here). The city council approved the motion unanimously. This is significant, being the first demand included in the Renton #Stand4Justice petition supported by local leaders and organizations as a means for achieving racial equity and justice. Renton Residents for Change and the Renton-King County Alliance for Justice celebrated this motion for exploration as a victory for their movement and a first step toward further changes.

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