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Radio Host Returned to Air Following Apology

On October 9th, Dori Monson was suspended from the radio following a tweet that was described as transphobic. Today, KIRO Radio published an article detailing his return, but he has not returned with the Seattle Seahawks. The statement was received with mixed feedback. Monson fans are excited for his return, but LGBTQIA+ leaders feel like the apology, as with his tweet, “missed the mark.”

Seattle Pride said, the “apology statement and on-air remarks did not specifically address the transgender community or the impact of his hurtful words to that community.” Some described the apology as insincere, with it continuing to claim that updated gender markers are not “science”. The apology statement addresses KIRO staff, the audience, the producer, and others but never directly addresses the transgender community nor promises initiative to pursue education and cultural sensitivity.

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