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Rental Assistance Offered By County, Relief for Migrants through State

Tenants, landlords, and others are eligible to apply for a fund set aside by King County. $41M was allocated for this program to prevent evictions and provide assistance for rent. The Mayor’s Newsletter featured the following details:

King County has launched a $41 million eviction and rent assistance program to help households affected by COVID-19. Tenants, property landlords and managers, manufactured home park owners and managers, and non-profits are eligible to apply. Applications are available in 25 languages.

The program’s goal is to prevent evictions and make resources available to individuals most affected by eviction, either through homelessness or mental health consequences. It will also focus on groups of people who have not had equitable access to rent assistance and those disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

– Mayor’s Newsletter Issue: 67 / Friday, Oct. 23, 2020 “County establishes eviction prevention and rent assistance program”

In addition, the State has created a $40M relief fund for migrants. This was seen as a victory for immigrants’ rights groups who fought for the funding after being excluded from federal relief. They are accepting applications. Eligible applicants will receive $1,000. Applications are open through December 6th with benefits to be disbursed by December 28th.

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