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Renton “State of the County” Becomes Dissent Platform

On Monday, October 19th, 2020, the City Council held its regular meeting with County Councilmember Reagan Dunn invited to share the “State of the County”. The State of the County began as many may imagine. A slide displayed the 1918 pandemic charts, and there was an opening about the year we have faced under COVID-19, but it quickly derailed into a conversation about the representative’s personal views on every issue.

Reagan Dunn transitioned into the King County Health Department declaring racism a public health crisis. He said he was against this move, as there are ‘higher priorities’ for health. Later, the discussion moved towards the county’s new housing program and 0.1% sales tax. Again, Councilmember Dunn injected that if he were on the city council he would vote for local control (as Renton has with other cities, forcing the county to scale down.) He went even further saying that the city did the right thing because the county is coming to “gobble all the taxpayer dollars”. Dunn was the only county councilmember to vote against the housing plan. Rather than using his time to educate the council and public on these issues and the position of the county, it was turned into a platform for his dissent.

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