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Governor Issues Orders As Cases Increase

Governor Jay Inslee issued new orders over the weekend which take place today and will stay in place for four weeks. The changes come as cases have increased nationally, and locally, and health experts become concerned about family gatherings for the holiday season.

These new orders ban many indoor activities including gyms, movie theaters, and museums. Restaurants must end indoor services as well. This effectively places us between Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the health guidelines issued earlier this year, with some exceptions.

Some critics have said that businesses would be harmed by these decisions. This statement is true, and little can be be done as local & state governments are mandated to have a balanced budget, and the federal government remains gridlocked on more aid. This is worsened by Washington’s tax system relying heavily on sales taxes, which are highly fluctuated with the economy. The state, along with many municipalities, has had to address large shortfalls this year. Despite this, Governor Inslee has announced another $50M in funds for mitigation impacts for businesses and workers.

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