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Renton Police Announce Safe Place Initiative After Downtown Hate Incident

A video recorded on February 13th, 2021 in downtown Renton has sparked uproar after an alleged hate crime. The incident comes at a time where anti-Asian racist incidents are soaring. This week the Renton Police Department announced its Safe Place initiative.

At the Renton City Council meeting on Monday evening, Mayor Pavone issued a statement reinforcing Renton’s commitment to inclusion and diversity. A couple leaders of local organizations representing Asian and Pacific Islander communities commented expressing their disappointment with the incident. The following day, the Renton Police Department announced their Safe Place initiative which follows guidelines initially created by the Seattle Police Department.

The program partners the police department with businesses to help make sure hate crimes get reported. In Seattle, a decal with a rainbow badge is placed in the storefront which helps identify those in the program. The responsibility is small, if a victim of a hate crime walks into the business, the business will call the police and allow the victim to remain inside until the police arrive. If the victim leaves, the restaurant helps provide information.

More to be covered later.

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