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Renton Tuesday Tea (May 25)

Here is the tea this Tuesday, May 25th, 2021 (last week’s tea):

  • Downtown businesses continue to feel the pain of the construction projects updating downtown infrastructure and converting many one-way streets to two-way. Owners and leaders of business organizations have appealed to the city council at meetings on the prolonged deadlines, at an already tumultuous time for businesses with COVID-19 health restrictions.
  • Filing week has ended and the timeframe for candidates to withdraw has closed. Here are the Renton City Council positions (candidates listed in order they filed):

Position 1: Joe Todd, James Alberson, Sanjeev Yonzon

Position 2: Angelina Benedetti, Marvin Rosete, Carmen Rivera, Caleb L. Sutton, Ben Johnson

Position 6: Ruth Perez

  • On May 19th the Planning Commission met with the “Renton Housing Action Plan Briefing” as a major item. One notable statement from the report read that “trends in Renton’s housing costs and household income show risk of displacement for lower-income households.” The report recommends maintaining and promoting development of new affordable housing.

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