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Renton Tuesday Tea (May 4)

Here’s the tea in Renton, and May the 4th be with you (last week’s tea):

  • Shelter at Red Lion Continues its Story in WA Legislature
  • The 2021 “Chalk-Your-Walk” event began yesterday with residents encouraged to chalk their driveways and walkways. The City of Renton has provided some ideas for what might be drawn, but they are only guidelines. In 2020, nearly 55,000 people were reached on social media with 500 unique uses of #LetsGoChalkRTN according to a presentation from the Community Services Committee on summer engagement.
  • A new candidate has announced in the local races for city council. Sojin Thompson is running in Position 6, currently held by Councilmember Ruth PĂ©rez.
  • County Council candidate Reagan Dunn, currently representing District 9, has the endorsement of a prominent hate group leader on his campaign’s endorsements page (Chris Wisnoski). The III% (three percent) have been known locally for showing up to Pride events and Black Lives Matter demonstrations with firearms, and nationally for their support of Donald Trump including participation in the insurrection attack on January 6th in Washington D.C.
  • Renton’s Planning Customer Service has received a large volume of inquiries regarding the new PRADU program, which streamlines the ADU permitting process (also known as mother-in-laws, backyard cottages, etc.) Those who have emailed out may not hear back immediately, with many receiving a response saying to expect to wait a few days to hear on the status. Over 100 people attended a virtual open house held by the city, which took place just a couple hours before a large march and rally for racial justice.

City Administration Appointments

Mayor Armondo Pavone has appointed individuals to the listed committees/commissions.

Renton Airport Advisory Committee

The Transportation Committee met on Monday, May 3rd at 5pm and confirmed the following individuals:

  • Congratulations Robert Rovai, Benson Hill Neighborhood (Primary), term expiring 5/7/22
  • Congratulations Abhijit Patil, Benson Hill Neighborhood (Alternate), term expiring 5/7/24
  • Congratulations Vincent Nguyen, Highlands Neighborhood (Alternate), term expiring 5/7/23
  • Congratulations Emily Grupp, South Renton Neighborhood (Alterante), term expiring 5/7/24

Renton Municipal Arts Commission

The Community Services Committee met on Monday, May 3rd at 4pm and confirmed the following individual:

  • Congratulations Caren Sumption for a term expiring 12/31/21

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