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Renton Tuesday Tea (June 29)

Here is the tea in Renton this June 29th (last week’s tea):

  • On June 28th, 2021, LGBTQIA+ communities celebrated the anniversary marking the date of the Stonewall Uprising, though many this year were just trying to keep cool due to the heatwave.
  • The city council has also passed a doubling of lateral-hire police bonuses to $20,000 with the addition of a new hiring bonus. Two years ago, Renton rolled out a feature to give new officers vehicles to keep at home as a bonus as an incentive.
  • Renton High School updates its mascot from Indians to the Red Hawks. The change comes from the recently passed HB 1356, which banned the use of Native American names, symbols, and images in public school names, mascots, and logos. There were exceptions made for schools on and near tribal lands who receive the permission of the tribe.
  • A heat dome has covered the region with record high temperatures and sun. Three cooling centers were opened in Renton including Renton Technical College, but the Senior Activity Center was closed due to a malfunction with the AC. The week is forecasted to continue to be hot with no precipitation. The weather underlines the need to address climate change, not just in reducing emissions but also in mitigation resources for extreme weather events such as these.

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