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2021 Renton Progress Primary Ballot

Progressives have made inroads in suburban areas outside metropolitan cores, such as Renton. Some of the major objectives of Renton Progress are to provide a platform for progressive perspectives, cover local politics, and promote candidates and issues. Here is the Renton Progress Primary Ballot for 2021:

Renton City Council

For Renton City Council Position 1, Renton Progress endorses Joe Todd. Joe Todd’s experience in government, and his consistency as a voice for justice him make him an outstanding candidate in this position.

For Renton City Council Position 2, Renton Progress endorses Angelina Benedetti and Carmen Rivera. Angelina Benedetti has helped advance the demands of local advocates such as with the push for the Equity & Empowerment Commission. Carmen Rivera’s experience as a social worker with the county and her community involvement make Rivera’s campaign another excellent choice in this position.

Martin Luther King County Council

For King County Executive, Renton Progress endorses Joe Nguyen. Joe Nguyen has showed effective leadership in his time as a State Senator and advocates for greater resource equity and prioritization in the county, which matters to the South King County communities.

For King County Council District 9, Renton Progress endorses Chris Franco and Kim-Khanh Van and Ubax Gardheere. All three candidate brings their own strengths to the campaign and will represent a more inclusive, progressive voice in the district than the incumbent. While Reagan Dunn is considered a moderate Republican, his record on labor and social issues warrants consideration for an alternative.

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