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Renton Tuesday Tea (August 17)

Here is the tea in Renton this Tuesday, August 17th (the last tea):

  • Perspectives on the 2021 Primary Election results
  • Renton residents are organizing a prayer vigil on Thursday, August 19th at 6PM for several tragedies unfolding around the world. The vigil will be centered around refugees in Afghanistan as well as those impacted by the earthquake in Haiti.
  • As the candidates are dwindled down for the general elections, the remaining local candidates show how QAnon-like conspiracies are impacting even Renton.
  • The Renton Planning and Development Committee discussed plans for updating the Rainier/Grady junction for a possible Renton Transit Center.
  • The Renton Public Safety Committee met and discussed “community input in police hiring”. The committee released a video with clips from a handful of residents and police detailing what some of those residents thought were characteristics of a good officer. The committee was informed of plans to continue interviewing residents and officers, and potentially releasing more videos. Councilmember Ryan McIrvin asked if there were plans like Tukwila’s which directly involve community in the process. Something like it is being explored by the administration.
  • No council meetings for three Mondays! The next full council meeting will be on September 13th. Other committee and commission meetings will continue still before then.

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