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GO VOTE – Renton Tuesday Tea (November 2)

Here is the tea in Renton this Tuesday, November 2nd (the last tea):

  • The Committee of the Whole met last night and discussed the Equity Commission which in its current proposal will have 9 members: 3 serving 1-year terms, 3 serving 2-year terms, and 3 serving 3-year terms. The commission was proposed by local advocates which the council moved to explore last year. It was suggested that the desire is to begin the commission at the beginning of next year, but it was noted that might be too assertive of a timeline.
  • Renton’s election turnout remains abysmally low, only at 17% this morning. Voters 55 and older make up almost 63% of the current ballots with voters under 35 only represented by 12% of the ballots returned so far. Younger voters do tend to vote later, so there is a possibility this will shift, but it all depends on how many ballots are turned in tonight before 8pm. There is still time to register at voter centers throughout the county.
  • ELECTION WEEK: tonight we will get the first glimpse of ballot results and see how the candidates stand against each other across the races. With landslide victories a candidate can usually call a race early, but with close races every day of counting can change the results. This will mean that for many races we won’t truly know the outcome until, likely, the end of the week.

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