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Renton Tuesday Tea (March 29th)

Here is the tea in Renton this Tuesday (the last tea):

  • Bezos Academy presented to the Committee of the Whole last night their hopes for a 15 year lease with the city to start a montessori-style school. It was revealed through questioning from councilmembers that the institution would not encourage union membership for educators and does not have transportation plans for families which may use it. The presenters stated their intent to choose Renton is to benefit under-served communities.
  • Councilmember Ed Prince, also a Sound Transit board member, is encouraging residents to apply to Sound Transit’s reconfigured Citizen’s Oversight Panel. Learn more here.
  • Residents commented at the latest public meetings against the choices from Mayor Pavone for the Equity Commission. While the applicants were reviewed and graded, the choices by the mayor was felt by some to ignore this grading, based on experience and commitment to marginalized communities.
  • Ben Johnson, former candidate for city council, was recommended by Mayor Pavone for the planning committee. In light of controversy, largely due to a lack of apology for his comments on Former Councilmember Randy Corman’s blog demeaning diverse communities, the recommendation was withdrawn. It is thought by some the appointment would have helped Ben Johnson in a future run for city council. Some expressed concern that the mayor is using appointments to stack the administration with politically friendly allies rather than doing work to outreach to the city and find the most qualified nominees.

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