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Renton Weekly – April 22nd

Here is this week’s updates from Renton Progress (last week’s updates):

  • The City of Renton has proclaimed April 21st as Kaloni Bolton day. In December of 2020, Kaloni Bolton was transported to a children’s hospital after going into cardiac arrest while waiting for treatment over breathing issues at urgent care. Kaloni Bolton was only twelve years old. The incident prompted local discussions over medical racism. A 1k “Black Nurses Matter” walk was done in Renton in Kaloni’s memory in May of 2021.
  • Dr. Yoshiko Harden has been appointed as the President of Renton Technical College.
  • The King County Prosecutor elections has no progressives running for the position after candidate Stephen Thomas drops from the race, The Stranger reports. Prosecutor positions across the country have come under the public eye as demands for racial justice and police accountability have increased due to the role prosecutors play in deciding which cases to pursue and whose testimonies to submit in court.

Pay attention to these updates next week:

  • The Kent School District board will be meeting April 27th. The agenda item does not include a challenge to the ban of Jack of Hearts (and Other Parts) by Lev AC Rosen in middle school libraries nor the seemingly discriminatory list created by middle school principals of LGBTQ-themed books, but public comments are expected over the matter.
  • The Committee of the Whole will have a presentation on housing affordability at their April 25th meeting.
  • The Planning & Development Committee will discuss proposed regulation on the sale of dogs and bans from puppy mills on April 25th.
  • The Finance Committee will discuss a possibly new Health and Safety Coordinator position on April 25th.
  • The Civil Service Commission plans to meet on April 26th and will be discussing the position of a new police manager and new police recruits for the Renton Police Department.

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