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Renton Weekly – June 16th

Here is this week’s updates from Renton Progress (last Renton Weekly):

  • On January 13th, the City Council and Mayor formally recognized Juneteenth. An event will be held on June 18th at the Black Lives Matter mural. Councilmember Alberson received the Mayor’s proclaimation and accepted it on behalf of his late mother, who he says always loved the celebration.
  • The Kent School District postponed its vote on whether to retain or appeal a book ban on an LGBTQ-themed book. The vote will now take place on Wednesday June 22nd at 7PM.
  • The council unanimously concurred with the Planning & Development Committee in establishing regulations for retail pet sales.
  • Renton’s Planning & Development Committee will be discussing putting a maximum timeline for new projects, with the docket suggesting a 10-year limit.

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