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Local Elections Kickoff in Renton

It’s filing week for the odd-year elections which includes our very own Renton City Council. This year five positions are up for election including that of incumbent councilmembers Ed Prince, Kim-Khanh Van, Ryan McIrvin, and Valerie O’Halloran, and Mayor Armondo Pavone.

Candidates are still able to file through the remainder of the week. Renton Progress may provide more information on the candidates in the coming weeks. Below are the candidates in Renton as listed with the PDC today:

Position 3

Valerie O’Halloran (incumbent)

Erica Conway

Position 4

Ryan McIrvin (incumbent)

Sanjeev Yonzon

Position 5

Ed Prince (incumbent)

Marvin Rosete

Position 7

Kim-Khanh Van (incumbent)

Michael Westgaard

Steven Vargas

Mayor’s Office

Armondo Pavone (incumbent)

Kim Bass

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